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Legacy of Hope

Yes.  Just pick the products you want and we’ll deliver them fresh each month.  You can add, remove or change your combination of products at any time.

The term “K-Cup” is trademarked by Keurig, and so we have to refer to our Keurig-compatible products by a different name.  Our single serve pods will work in Keurig machines and other compatible brewers.

We’ve roasted each of our origins to highlight specific tasting notes.

Santa Rosa – roasted with an ultra-light profile to allow the full bright acidity to shine through.

Estrella Lenca – this is our only origin that is dried with a honey process, meaning it the beans are sun-dried with the mucilage intact.  We roast it medium to allow keep some brightness, but not overpower the sweetness from the drying process.

San Marcos – we roast this to a darker profile than the others, removing almost all acidity.  While it is incredibly smooth, it still has an incredibly strong flavor profile.

For smaller orders of less than $35, we offer standard Express Mail service from the US Postal Service.

For orders of $35 and up, shipping is free.

We also offer free local pickup for orders of any size if the shipping zip code lies within Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where our coffee is roasted.

Regardless of the shipping option, you will receive an email when your order has shipped or when it is ready for pickup.

Yes.  This is a wholly owned venture by Legacy of Hope Foundation, working in the Western mountain region of Honduras.  Each of our coffees are single origin from estates in the area where we work.

All profits from coffee sales help to fund our family-based holistic orphan care programs.  Our goal is to not replace the charitable gifts from our partners, but to offset our dependence on donations and grants.

We’ve pre-selected several collections that can be purchased as a one-time gift or limited time monthly subscriptions.

We’ve also made it simple to give the gift of coffee to all the loved ones in your life, as we support shipping to multiple addresses from the same order.

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